Saker Aviation Services is an aviation services provider with a reputation for delivering outstanding service at competitive prices. With locations in the Northeast and Midwest, we know that one size does not fit all in the world of aviation. That is why we adapt to meet the client’s needs, according to their mission and operational goals.

We are committed to providing exceptional aviation services for our customers with a focus on safety, outstanding customer service, and personalized solutions to ensure that your experience with Saker Aviation is second-to-none.  Our full-service FBOs provide products and services for major commercial airlines, private and business jets, military aircraft, and rotor aircraft.


Our family of full service FBOs with a reputation for providing outstanding service at competitive prices. At Saker Aviation we know one size does not fit all, so we flex to meet your needs, whether that is a quick-turn or full concierge amenities and reservations.

Our dedication to safety, training, and quality control is absolute. Our professional technicians are constantly updating their certifications, as well as attending company required training in areas of safety and customer service. Although it is not requisite, we demand that the fuels and equipment go through 50 plus regular quality control checks. We provide into plane service for major commercial airlines, private and business jets, and military aircraft. With locations in the Continental US Northeast and Midwest, we’re standing by to greet you at Saker Aviation Services!


Saker Aviation is proud to be an Avfuel branded dealer. Avfuel Corporation is the nation's leading independent supplier of aviation fuels and services. Avfuel's product quality and dependability of service is vital to our customers' satisfaction. Saker Aviation participates in Avfuel Contract Fuel Programs. We accept all major credit cards and third party fuel cards.

Please contact us for additional information and Volume Discount Programs.


Business or pleasure, a coast-to-coast one way or a short round trip, let our Charter Sales staff help you arrange your trip based on your personal preferences. Your safety, comfort and privacy are our priority.

Let us customize your aircraft management program to meet your unique objectives. Our goal is to help you get the most fulfillment out of your aircraft whether you prefer to charter it or not. With an experienced maintenance, concierge, and charter staff, Saker Aviation can assist with all of your aircraft management needs.