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  • What First Time Flyers Should Know About Private Air Charter

What First Time Flyers Should Know About Private Air Charter

As one of the quickest and comfortable ways to travel, more and more people are choosing to fly privately. But while the popularity of these aircraft has really taken off, many flyers aren’t aware of all the benefits of a charter experience. If you’re a first-time private charter flyer, here’s everything you need to know.


You Decide the Flying Schedule

We’ll start with one of the best parts about flying private air charter: you make the schedule! With no set flight timetable, connecting flights or layovers, even if you have a last minute change of destination or flight time, you’ll get where you need to go without the problems and hassle of flying commercially. You can even schedule multiple stops in a single day.  And with so many more landing strip options for smaller planes, you’ll be able to choose from additional destinations that aren’t accessible by large aircraft and travel much closer to where you want to be. We have to say it —  the sky’s the limit with private air charter!


You Don’t Have to be there Hours Early

You’re most likely accustomed to showing up 2+ hours before a flight in order to check-in, get through security and grab that overhead cabin space. But for a private flight, the security check is much quicker since you’re essentially the only person in line! The charter will have their own private terminal, so you’ll spend less time on the ground before takeoff. And you’ll never have to worry about the flight leaving without you.


There are Multiple Aircraft Options

Depending on your destination and the crew available, you have a number of charter options to choose from. Heavy jets provide the most space, seating up to 16 passengers with exceptional luxury and amenities. They can travel up to 7,000 miles without a stop, costing between $4,000-$8,000 per hour.


Midsize jets typically accommodate about 9 people with the capacity to travel 4,000 miles before refueling, while light jets will max at just under 3,000 miles for 8 passengers at a time. Both of these charters still offer impressive luxury, including in-flight entertainment and dining, but fall somewhere within the $2,000-$5,000 per hour range as cheaper options for first-time flyers.


There are Luggage Limits

Smaller aircraft can only accommodate so much luggage in terms of space, but weight is the most important factor for safety. Most private charter companies will impose their own luggage restrictions, so make sure you talk to your flight planner before packing to make sure none of your luggage has to be left behind.


Don’t Sweat about Safety

Speaking of safety, while many are uneasy about flying on smaller, private planes, rest assured they are completely safe; in fact, even safer than flying commercially. Private charters are required to meet all the same maintenance and safety standards as commercial planes, and you can also expect your pilot and crew to have a greater degree of familiarity with a particular plane than a corporate airline.


Business Can Go On as Usual

Being productive on a commercial flight isn’t always easy. Without the same space constraints and distracting noise, you’ll enjoy the comfort and privacy to conduct business as usual on a private charter. Today’s modern aircraft comes fully-equipped with internet, WiFi, phones, faxes and more with face-to-face seating and meeting tables for collaboration or discussion. Not to mention, your confidential conversations stay between you and your colleagues.


Catering and Other Amenities

Even if you’re just making a short trip, you’ll enjoy a number of comforts and luxuries by flying private air charter, especially with Saker. Your flight planner will work with you for all your in-flight dining and entertainment needs. You have the option to request various catering services, from snacks and sweets to sandwiches and warm dinners, often provided by top restaurants in the vicinity of the airport. That also includes a well-stocked bar with fresh juices and premium wines and liquors. If you’re traveling with kids, they’ll enjoy in-flight movies or music provided by the charter company, or you can choose to provide your own.


If you still have questions about flying private air charter, contact our team of experienced charter staff to learn more about all the options and possibilities available to you!