Fly Private to Avoid Holiday Travel Headaches

The holiday season is here and for many people that means that it’s travel season. Families and friends are more spread out than ever and even though communication is easier with texting, Facetime, video calls, and more, there’s nothing like being in the same place as your loved ones. It’s pretty hard to hug someone through a screen, after all. Each year, the number of people that travel during the holidays increases. Due to the huge increase in people on the road and in airports, holiday travel is notoriously stressful. Travel difficulties are further complicated by the volatile weather this time of year.

Flying private — a better option

No one wants to miss out on Mom’s pumpkin pie because traffic is crazy and the airports are packed, so millions of people will brave the travel season. Some will have an easy trip, others will be extremely frustrated, and many people will never even make it to their destination. However, if your holiday travel involves a flight, there is one way to make holiday travel faster and more convenient: flying private. Once considered to be too expensive for most air travelers, private flights have become more accessible and affordable. While it still may cost more than a commercial flight, the benefits and convenience can outweigh the cost.

Especially during the busy travel season, private flights are likely to be a faster option than commercial airlines. It’s not that a private jet is faster, but the actual flight is often more direct. If you take into account the time saved in baggage check-ins, flight delays, layovers, and the many inconveniences of a large, commercial airport, flying private takes just a fraction of the time. Not to mention, you’re unlikely to get stuck sitting for hours in a crowded airport with thousands of other frustrated passengers. Your entire experience will be streamlined and the aircraft is likely to be more comfortable than any commercial option.

If avoiding the crowds and slow travel isn’t enough to convince you, consider the other benefits of flying private. Good food, fewer baggage restrictions, privacy, and lots more legroom are just a few of the additional perks of flying private. Imagine arriving at your destination well-rested, well-fed, and relaxed, with all your belongings arriving intact. Thanksgiving dinner may be a stressful event with burned food, crowded living rooms, and family tension, but your flight could be the best part of a trip you wouldn’t miss.

You don’t need to own a plane

A common misconception about private air travel is that it requires owning your own plane. While that is an option, it’s not a necessity. Regular business travelers will often opt for fractional ownership of a single plane. For less frequent travelers, “on-demand” charters are a convenient service. Many operators rely solely on charters and aim to keep their aircraft in the air as much as possible. With a little searching, it’s possible to find charter flights to fit nearly every requirement.

Saker Aviation wants everyone to have a safe and happy holiday travel season. At Saker JRB and GCK, we ensure that all of our private, business, and charter clients enjoy the best experience possible. Happy Holidays!