Benefits of Learning to Fly

learning to fly

The benefits of learning to fly are endless.

If you’re reading this, you must be a little bit like us over here at Saker Aviation. Has becoming a pilot always been at the top of your bucket list? Maybe you simply knew from the beginning that you were built for an adventurous life. Whether it was your “dream job” in grade school or you’re just now delving into the industry of aviation, you have an amazing adventure ahead of you.

Learning to fly opens the door for endless opportunities within the aviation industry but also within yourself.

Take in the world around you

Documentaries and YouTube videos with behind the scenes flight shots are pretty cool. Nothing compares to the real deal though. Talk about an office with a view! Flying allows you to see the world from an entirely new perspective. You’ll get a birds eye view of beautiful mountain ranges, countless valleys, and mesmerizing waters.

The views aren’t all though. Each destination is filled with rich culture, history to discover, and stories to be told! There are things you can learn about in books, but there’s nothing quite like the conversations and lessons you learn from living it.

Discover who you are

Speaking as pilots ourselves, flying truly brings out a different side of us. Flight school is no easy task, requiring concentration and an abundance of dedication. Information from the Pilot Institute shows that the lowest level certificate of “Student Pilot” takes up to 7 weeks to solo fly, while the “Airline Transport Pilot” certification could take up to 5 years. The long hours of training are worth the wait.

A whole new sense of discovery comes along with finally hitting the skies. A sense of accomplishment and perspective settles in unlike ever before. How does it get better than this?

Discover the possibilities

According to Indeed research, the average salary for a pilot is $45,169 per year in the United States. Learning to fly doesn’t just qualify you to be an airline pilot though. The list of job opportunities for those who can pilot goes on and on! Here are just a few that might surprise you:

1. Long Distance Ferrying

2. Aerial Fire Fighting

3. Air Taxi

4. Business Jet

5. Freight

6. Flight Instructor

Find out more about these different aviation career opportunities and how learning to fly will help you get there.

Every takeoff brings a new set of challenges, a newfound skill, and a brand new adventure. Our goal at Saker Aviation is to see you spend more time in the air than on the ground. We love meeting new pilots, seasoned pilots, passengers along for the ride, and aviation appreciators alike!

Visit our Saker GCK or JRB locations to tell us your piloting story, fuel up, hop on a charter flight, or get some maintenance taken care of! We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering outstanding services at competitive prices; find out for yourself today!