The Downtown Manhattan Heliport – Explained

Ever wondered about all the offerings of a heliport?
Here are the advantages of using the Downtown Manhattan Heliport at Saker JRB. Our heliport not only provide tours of the city, but also offers first-class charter services for all traveling needs.


Saker JRB offers the widest variety of helicopter tours in Manhattan when it comes to length and pricing. Whether you’re looking for a brief 15 minute tour that shows you the main landmarks and attractions throughout the city, or a longer, more in depth 45 minute tour that showcases the landmarks and attractions and then some, JRB has got you covered.


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In turn, our charter services offer advantages to those traveling via helicopter. Saker JRB offers flights to countless locations throughout the northeast. One of the notable advantages of flying with us is the sheer enjoyment of a private helicopter ride. Whether it’s the beautiful view along the way, or the draw of showing up to an event in style, using a helicopter charter service is becoming more widely considered a viable and preferable mode of transportation.


We pride ourselves in the variety of services we offer as well as the copious selection of options we offer for each of those services. If you would like to learn more about our services at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport and how to schedule a tour or charter flight, contact us today.