Fly Private To Save Time

As air travel has become increasingly commonplace and accessible, it has also become more time-consuming. If you regularly fly commercial, you are most likely used to the routine — one that involves a lot of time, planning ahead, and even some uncertainty. With large airlines and airports, you are at the mercy of a multitude of factors beyond your control. This can lead to canceled and delayed flights and other unexpected issues like lost luggage and other inconveniences. 

Even when commercial travel goes perfectly, it is considerably more time-consuming than flying by private aircraft. Baggage check, security, and customs take time, as does parking and moving through a large airport. Flying private eliminates much of the time involved with these processes, and is faster in ways you may not have even considered.

Less passengers, less time

Customers flying private are most likely using a private terminal, which shortens check-ins and security significantly. There are no lines and you don’t have to wait for everyone else to go through the process before you. The private check-in process can take minutes, while it can take hours in a commercial setting, depending on the situation.

The arrivals process is also much shorter. Passengers don’t have to stand a baggage carousel for luggage that may arrive late, damaged, or not at all. In addition, private jets may fly into smaller airports that are closer and more convenient to your actual destination, shortening travel times beyond the airport.

Fly higher, fly faster

Beyond just flight preparations, a private flight may actually be faster than a commercial flight. Private jets are designed to be more efficient, and faster flight times are a part of that. The speed of a private jet may not actually be faster than a commercial aircraft, but they are flying at higher altitudes so that they can avoid air traffic and follow a route that avoids air congestion that otherwise might slow them down.

Overall, flying private is a faster, more convenient way to travel than flying commercial — and it may be more accessible and affordable than you think. Contact Saker Aviation to learn more about our charter flight programs.