Saker Aviation Meets Fly Louie

Saker Aviation is all about providing you outstanding services at competitive prices. That’s exactly why we knew a partnership with Fly Louie Alliance was the best next step for us to take. Fly Louie has a mission of “bringing access to flyers and operators in private aviation,” so really, how could we say no?


Fly Louie Alliance

Fly Louie began in 2017 as a Public Charter, where they offered services to destinations all over, including New York, Boston, Nantucket, and Pittsburgh. Through hard work and amazing service, they fostered relationships with some of the most well-respected independent charter operations in the industry!

The goal of their alliance is to work with independent operators to alleviate some of the pain that they face on a regular basis, whether that is centered around training, healthcare costs, fuel pricing, and so much more.


A great new partner

Fly Louie has already worked hard to secure savings on fuel for their Alliance members. They have negotiated highly competitive fuel rates, delivering fuel savings of $.40/gallon over the best available contract rates at participating airports. Fly Louie, we’re happy to be on board!

At Saker Aviation, one of our main priorities is to understand our customers’ needs and consistently deliver upon our promise of excellence. In order to do that, we made sure we partnered with the best of the best in the industry. That’s why we joined the Fly Louie Alliance.

If you’re an operator, FBO, or vendor that’s interested in joining the Fly Louie Alliance, visit to fill out your application today!

Visit our website where you can learn more about our mission, our incredible fuel discounts, and how you can S.O.A.R. with us at Saker Aviation!