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  • Saker Employee Receives Chamber of Commerce 2017 Award of Merit

Saker Employee Receives Chamber of Commerce 2017 Award of Merit


Photo credit: The Garden City Telegram

Saker would like to congratulate long-time Saker GCK employee and Mayor of Garden City, Roy Cessna, for receiving the Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Award of Merit! He was the 34th recipient to receive this award in front of a large crowd of 500.

Saker Aviation has a long-lasting connection with Mayor Cessna. Not only does Roy balance a full-time role as Public Relations Director of our local school district, but also works weekends at GCK and has been with us since 1997. In addition, he is also the Mayor of Garden City! Talk about a man who can do it all – and who greatly deserves the Award of Merit.


As Cessna received his award he stated, “It’s a great community. We’ve made this our home. It’s a special place. I’m just trying to hopefully make it a better place than when I got here. That’s my main goal. Hopefully, making it a better place so that my kids can come back and live.” Chamber President Myca Bunch commented on Cessna’s award by saying, “We’re inspired every day by the work you put forth in the pursuit of to build a better business and a better community.”

Roy, we want to thank you for all your service for everything you do to make Garden City a better place to live and for bringing everyone together in our community! We look forward to the great work you will continue to do.