Fly Louie Alliance and fuel discounts

Saker Aviation Meets Fly Louie

May 21, 2020 |

Saker Aviation is all about providing you outstanding services at competitive prices. That’s exactly why we knew a partnership with Fly Louie Alliance was the best next step for us to take. Fly Louie has a mission of “bringing access to flyers and operators in private aviation,” so really, how could we say no?  …

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Helicopters: A Safe and Efficient Way to Travel

Mar 04, 2020 |

Helicopters can be a great way to reach your destination quickly, in style, and with a terrific view. Especially in urban areas like New York City, they’re a great option for busy commuters to spend more time in the office instead of on the streets, or even for sightseers to take in the iconic skyline….

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Airshows You Can’t Miss in 2020

Feb 20, 2020 |

It’s been a cold, wet winter for many parts of the country, but warmer temps and longer days are just around the corner. With these small blessings, spring brings something else: the opportunity for aviation aficionados to spend fun-filled weekends with friends and family at the many fantastic air shows that run throughout the country…

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private jet

Fly Private to Avoid Holiday Travel Headaches

Nov 15, 2019 |

The holiday season is here and for many people that means that it’s travel season. Families and friends are more spread out than ever and even though communication is easier with texting, Facetime, video calls, and more, there’s nothing like being in the same place as your loved ones. It’s pretty hard to hug someone…

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uber copter

Uber Helicopters – From Lower Manhattan to JFK in Eight Minutes

Oct 15, 2019 |

If you’re in a hurry and worried that traffic is going to make you miss your flight, Uber is now offering a solution — if you’re willing to pay for it. The popular rideshare service has taken its services to new heights, with helicopter services from Lower Manhattan at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport to JFK…

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