How to Plan a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Now that Winter is (almost) safely behind us, we can finally start doing all those fun, outdoor activities that we’ve been thinking about during the cold months. Dreary days have been replaced by warm sun, the bare trees are sporting buds and green leaves, and the parks and sidewalks are filled with people taking time out to enjoy the weather.

As you make plans for your Summer travels and outings, a helicopter tour may be on your list of exciting activities. The view from a helicopter allows you to see a city or natural landscape from the unique perspective of a bird — or a helicopter pilot. Above the trees and crowds, you can experience a new place, or even somewhere close to home in a thrilling way.

Choose a Destination

There are a few considerations to make when planning a helicopter tour. Research your destination and what you would most like to see and take the time to find a tour company to accommodate your wishes. Especially if there are multiple options, take the time to read reviews and choose a company that best aligns with your desired overall experience. Look for deals and coupons offered by travel companies. Group discounts and other specials may make your experience more affordable.

When choosing your company, look into the tour options that are offered. Helicopter tour companies in New York City, for instance, may have short tours that show you the most popular sights, while a longer tour could include some of the boroughs. Take into account how long you want to be in the air — if you have never flown in a helicopter before you may want to consider a short tour for the first one so that you can be sure you enjoy it.

Choose a Date and Time

If you are traveling during a holiday, or any time for that matter, it’s important to check for the dates that tours are offered. Many tour companies may not operate on major holidays, so you should plan accordingly.

The time of day you choose is up to you, though the tour company or a knowledgeable friend may be able to tell you the best time or times to fly. If you are traveling, be sure you give yourself enough time so that it doesn’t interfere with your other vacation plans. The time you choose may have to do with the time you would like to arrive at the tour company, but you should also consider your view. Especially if you are taking photographs, the time of day will affect the quality. For New York City helicopter tours, it is recommended to avoid the time of day when the sun is directly overhead.

Make an Alternate Plan

 Unfortunately, a perfectly planned helicopter tour can easily be ruined by an unexpected change in the weather. Helicopters may not be able to fly in certain conditions and you may not get the amazing views that you were hoping for. Check the weather report in advance and prepare a backup activity just in case your tour is canceled or delayed.

With a little bit of thought and planning, a helicopter can be a wonderful experience and a spectacular way to sightsee. Contact Saker JRB at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport to learn more about New York City helicopter tours.