The Future of Aviation in the Post-Covid World


The Covid-19 pandemic has become hazardous to many business operations, with the aviation industry facing a severe hit. While the long-serving travel unit is almost losing its balance, the question remains whether the aviation travel industry is well-equipped to keep up with the new normal. The new routine post-Covid has also hastened our efforts to comprehend strategies put in place by the aviation industry in retaliation to the novel impacts imposed by the covid-19 pandemic and answer essential questions about whether it’s safe to fly.  It is a challenge that is taking a hustle to find concrete solutions.


The Covid-19 pandemic has heavily disrupted the smooth operations in aviation industries globally. Aviation’s associate professor Becky Lutte says several airlines registered heavy losses worldwide in 2020, with $118 billion down. In a similar case, the passengers’ demand for airline services has reduced drastically, lowering by 66% in 2020 relative to the previous year. The 21-years-of-growth air traffic has fallen to devastating levels in 2020 alone, taking only a few months to zero down the numbers. It’s no secret that the pandemic has altered the short-term inclination of aviation, and experts are unsure whether the industry will fully recover soon. But all is not lost. The aviation industry has been anticipating a better future by being innovative and leveraging technology in retaliation.


The Aviation industry has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to recover from the pandemic. Many airlines have adjusted accordingly to set demands and government regulatory measures for Covid-19. Passengers’ safety has become the theme of the day. And the aviation industry has devised a ton of solutions to meet this guideline. Technological advancement like biometric, which uses facial recognition to limit passengers’ contact, has also been adapted. Like Safran’s travel portfolio post-COVID, Seat suppliers also introduce new products to elevate passengers’ safety, like contactless door solutions and cushioned seat wings.


Due to the unprecedented COVID-19, passengers are expected to abide by the new set of travel rules. According to Becky Lutte, it’s now critical that travelers understand and respond accordingly to the new normal. Passengers are now supposed to observe social distancing and wear masks before and after boarding the plane. Many aviation airlines are also providing surface disinfectants, and passengers are encouraged to wipe their seat belts, armrests, upper buttons, and tray table. According to the Associate professor, these rules are basic and key to safety. Similarly, passengers will have to pay attention to different measures concerning COVID- 19 from different countries- what their travel restrictions are and what these countries expect from its citizens post-Covid.

As we get closer to understanding what the future holds for travel, both for business and pleasure, it is clear that travelers are focused on their wellness and security. At Saker Aviation, We are committed to providing exceptional aviation services for our customers, focusing on safety. Contact us today to get more information about our services.