Flying to The ‘Game of The Year’!

Football season is now in full swing. The long-anticipated season of rivalries, play-offs, and then the holy grail, the championship will be at hand all too quick. The largest spectator sport in the U.S. seems to take forever to get here and then gone in an instant! Make every minute of game time memorable, in particular, those ‘away’ venues when you get there in STYLE with private charters.


Make a Statement


You want to make this season just a bit better than last season. Constant improvement is what football is all about. Make the competition sit up and take notice when you and your team arrive at the local airport in a private charter scheduled just for the event.

You and your team may have come by bus last year, or by commercial airlines. Let the other guys and the world know about your ‘next level of improvement’ with a private charter.


Use Private Charters All Season Long


And don’t just schedule private charters for those ‘big games.’ It may surprise you how economical a private charter can be when you decide to schedule all of your away games for showing up in style.

If your job is to get the team to those out-of-town games, or perhaps coach has empowered you to find that special little something for making a big entrance at the next big game, consider using private charters as your modus operandi this season. Football itself is loaded with tradition and pageantry. Make your team’s new tradition private charters this season, and every season thereafter.


Private Charters Aren’t Just for ‘Big Business’


In a 2019 article on, the whole business of college athletics moving towards private charters was explored. It seems that in the high-stakes world of big-time NCAA Division 1 football that private charters are becoming more of a need than a want. All NFL teams fly private charters to their away games as some of them can be as far as coast to coast in some instances. But even some colleges that may travel as little as 500 to 650 miles to a game are finding that there is an added advantage to flying a private charter to those ‘no so far away’ venues.

Most colleges fly out to away games on Friday, then promptly back on Saturday following the game. This gives the student-athlete a minimal amount of jet lag and allows for more recovery time on Sundays before the whole week’s process begins again on Monday. Then there’s the whole money side of using private charters. Commercial airlines will charter college teams and their staff, but after seeing the savings of a private charter, more colleges are headed in that direction.

Big-time college athletics are using these types of charters for much, much more than getting to the games in style. Coaches are on the recruiting trail constantly and nothing makes a more serious statement to a potential recruit than a coach showing up just to see him in a privately chartered plane.


How Are You Getting to The Game?


Whether you are looking to fly your college team, or just a few college buddies, dollar for dollar you cannot beat the value and the experience of flying a private charter to the next ‘big game!’

The only thing that you need now is someone to fly you there. Why not make Saker Aviation your private charter football game partner this season? Contact us today for more information.