What it Means to “Fly With Heart”

Here at Saker Aviation, we are committed to providing the best aircraft and FBO services to every customer. Safety, convenience, and value are our top priorities, along with exceptional customer service. We love what we do, making your flights safer and more enjoyable, and we pride ourselves into putting our hearts into what we do. We take your satisfaction seriously and everyone at Saker strives to bring their best, every day.

Saker GCK

While it applies to both of our locations, GCK and JRB, “Fly with Heart” is particularly exhibited at our GCK location. Garden City, Kansas is located in the heart of the United States. It’s a central location for travel to anywhere in the country. It’s the perfect location for quick stops and long layovers — from here, travel to anywhere in the country is only a single flight away.

At GCK we provide a wide range of services including airframe services, tire services, hangar storage, deicing, fuel, catering, detailing, fuel and more. We provide comfortable amenities and lounges, flight planning resources, and charter services among our customer service offerings. 

But, Fly with Heart is more than what services we offer to our clients. Specifically, it’s about how we provide those services. First of all, we ensure that every service we perform exceeds expectations. Our highly trained staff and technicians are the best in the industry and you can depend on them for safety and assistance. Beyond that, we believe in personalized customer-service delivered with warmth and… heart. We love what we do and we love keeping our customers happy and safe.

How you can Fly with Heart

By joining us at GCK, you can take to the skies and Fly with Heart, every day. We understand your love of aviation. We know the freedom it offers and want to help you embrace it, knowing that your aircraft is well maintained. We look forward to seeing you at GCK where you’re always greeted with smiles and expert service, right in the heart of the USA.