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  • 5 Things You May Not Know About the Downtown Manhattan Heliport

5 Things You May Not Know About the Downtown Manhattan Heliport

Did you know that there are just three main heliports in all of New York? And yet only one of these locations can present themselves as one of the most advanced heliports in the world. The Downtown Manhattan Heliport, operated by Saker Aviation, has made it convenient and enjoyable for busy business professionals and leisurely sightseers to experience New York from an unforgettable perspective. And with over half a century of unique history, there’s a lot more you may not know about its impact on the industry overall. So, let us enlighten you!

What Exactly is a Heliport? 

First things first, it helps to know what a heliport is.  Heliports are designated helicopter landing and takeoff areas that can include everything from fields and parking lots to locations with support scheduled air services, such as hangars, fuel and aircraft maintenance and more. In large metropolitan and urban areas, like New York City, heliports can serve as passengers who need to move quickly within the city or outlying regions, whether for work or travel. They also are commonly used to transport important goods across various businesses or transfer patients in and out of hospital facilities.

An Impressive Facility

Despite its location in the center of one of the world’s most crowded and populated cities, the Downtown Manhattan Heliport parking can accommodate up to 50,000 pounds, while providing extensive amenities and unmatched comfort. The terminal not only houses all of the Saker Aviation operations center, a pilot lounge and administratie office space, but also provides a VIP lounge and passenger waiting area with all the modern comforts of today’s airport facilities.  You can enjoy year-round heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting in a sound-proof, aesthetically pleasing terminal building.

Five Decades of Innovation
Since its inception on December 8, 1960, The Downtown Manhattan Heliport has been pioneering a number of “firsts” for the industry in terms of comfort, safety and service. To start, the DMH was the first heliport in the United States to be certified for scheduled passenger helicopter service by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It was also the first public heliport with a semi-automatic fire protection foam system and utilized a barge for aircraft parking before anyone else.

Today, the heliport is responsible for the critical transportation of valuable documents for the world’s most prestigious international corporations, including financial, banking and legal firms in the heart of lower Manhattan’s financial district, while Saturday’s remain open for sightseeing activities for visitors and sightseers.

Advanced Technology and Comfort
There are a variety of benefits that any can heliport provide. From quicker response times for emergency/disaster relief to a resource for up-to-second news and information for local TV and radio stations, The Downtown Manhattan Heliport has taken all these important responsibilities to the next level, maintaining a reputation for innovation and providing first-class service to enhance all critical and recreational transportation that goes through the facility.

One-Of-A-Kind Safety

To this day, the DMH remains the only heliport Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 139 certified in the country. Under this certification, the heliport is required to meet or exceed numerous safety standards established by the FAA, which no one else in the United States has been able to do.

As Seen on TV

You may have also caught the DMH in one of many popular movies to hit the big screen. It’s made numerous movie appearances, including the 1997 comedy, Fools Rush In, and Michael J. Fox’s For Love Or Money, as well as hit TV shows like USA’s White Collar.

With such an impressive history and so many improvements still on the horizon, the Downtown Manhattan Heliport offers unmatched services to business executive, travelers and tourists alike. To learn more about our New York location, contact us today.