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  • Celebrating Aviation Anniversaries In Garden City, Kansas!

Celebrating Aviation Anniversaries In Garden City, Kansas!

30 Years – Jon Crotts, General Manager of Saker Aviaiton Services (FBO)

“There is never a ‘Groundhog Day’ flashback at GCK,” states Jon Crotts whose been devoted to his location since 1986.  “I love what I do because there is so much variety. Every day offers an opportunity to use different skills, meet new customers, and visit with our loyal customers.”

After attending A&P school, Jon joined the family business in June 1981, performing Line and Aircraft Maintenance duties at Crotts Aircraft Service located in Dodge City, KS.  In 1986 he became the FBO Manager of Crotts Aircraft Services in Garden City.  Seven years later, he and his wife, Debbie, purchased the business and launched Central Plains Aviation.  In 2005, they were courted by Saker Aviation Services and became part of their national brand.

Jon and Debbie are very proud of their location.  “Customers coming through Garden City often remark about the attractive appearance of our airport.  Long, clean runways, tower service in uncongested air space, nice hangars, and of course Saker Aviation’s large and modern facilities.  But our standout customer service and welcoming staff are what folks remember and ensures return visits.”

Ready for another 30 years, Jon?

Jon Crotts Anniversary


55 Years of Commercial Terminal Service – Garden City Airport

Garden City Airport served as an Army Air Force training facility from 1943 through 1947.  In 1948 the base was awarded to the City of Garden City for expansiona and general aviaiton services.  In the Spring of 1961 with the dedication of their new Administration Building, Garden City boasted, “Airport Facilities [that] are now among the nicest in the State of Kansas!”  There was a grand celebration with static aircraft dislays, an Air National Guard RB 57A flyover, helicopter demonstrations, a stunt show, and a precision flight demonstration by The U.S. Navy Blue Angels.  Below is a diagram of the “local services” provided by Central Airlines (later Frontier Airlines) in 1961.