Aviation Trends to Watch in 2022

As industries across the globe are still reeling in the after-effects of the pandemic with a fair degree of uncertainty, the aviation sector, both private and commercial, are approaching the new year wide-eyed with optimism. With more emphasis being placed on health, safety, and emerging technologies, aviation trends for 2022 will be focused on safety, security, and sustainability.


Making it Safe to Fly Again


We can all agree that Covid-19 has changed the way we live, work, and fly. Even as we try and come to grips with the new variants and vaccine protocols, aviation service providers both private and commercial, are adopting new cleaning policies and procedures along with new air filtration systems that are all designed to do one thing. Look for aviation to adopt a strict policy on air quality, and Covid testing as part of their safety regimen in 2022.


Cybersecurity in Aviation


In 2019 a group of highly vetted computer hackers was in a hotel room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Their mission was to hack their way into the computerized flight control systems of an F-18 Eagle military fighter jet. They succeeded. They even did it right under the noses of the department of the military that tests, designs, and maintains these computers.

Amid a hotel room full of old pizza boxes and other indications of someone being holed up for a long time, these hackers were 16 floors above every level of military brass attending the Def Con Cybersecurity Conference.

Will Roper the Acquisition official representing the Air Force said these hackers were allowed to do this to see where the weaknesses in our private, commercial, and military flight control computers were. He had no idea there were so many ways for hackers to infiltrate and destroy these sensitive computer programs.

The flight control computers and the TADS, (Trusted Aircraft Information Download Station) the bank of computer sensors and camera monitoring systems could be infiltrated during flight resulting in catastrophic aircraft failure and loss of human life as the ejection seat controls would also be affected.

In the coming years, these redundant antiquated systems will be redesigned from a secure viewpoint Roper stated.


A Greener Aviation Product


Another trend for aviation in 2022 is sustainability. Look for a shift toward SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) as the technology for a carbon-free emissions mandate encompasses all the aviation sectors from private aviation enthusiasts to military applications.

A cleaner burning fuel that will contribute less to greenhouse gases and climate change may be available in the coming years, but what is on the table to currently address those needs?

As the technology gets better, look for aviation to begin the move toward Electric Aircraft. Although electric aircraft is in its infancy, there is still a push to electric over fuel burning for the sake of our environment.


Saker Aviation and Trends for 2022


In all the above-mentioned trends for aviation in 2022, it will be aviation service providers like Saker that will be at the forefront of implementing those new technologies and services. Let Saker show you our premium aviation services in New York and the midwest.