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  • 5 of the Best Podcasts for Pilots and Aviation Enthusiasts

5 of the Best Podcasts for Pilots and Aviation Enthusiasts

Whether you are a podcast enthusiast or new to these on-demand radio shows, there are many great podcasts for aviation lovers. From great shows that break down technical details of aviation to those that discuss the breaking news in the field, podcasts are the infusion of new content and great ideas. One of their greatest advantages is that you can listen on the go! Listen to the information you want, whatever time you want, and how you want. Consider adding a few of these great informative podcasts to your listening queue.


Pilot to Pilot


This podcast is a treasure trove of helpful tips and information for pilots. According to the website, the main aim of the Pilot to Pilot podcast is to “be a place where aviators come for encouragement and inspiration.” It was started by a pilot named Justin Siems after his wife brought up the idea of giving back to the aviation community and inspiring fellow pilots to reach their dreams. With an impressive series of about 207 episodes to choose from, the podcast is praised for the introduction topics that mean a lot to all aviators and the chance to hear from real pilots working in different sectors of the aviation industry.


There I Was…


Interested in learning about unanticipated flying experiences and scenarios? “There I Was…” is the one! Presented by the AOPA’s Air Safety Institute, every episode in this podcast series talks to many pilots who have endured challenging flying instances and survived. There are many episodes to choose from, each with a captivating story like the next.


The Finer Points


Hosted by a certified flight instructor, Jason Miller, The Finer Points aviation podcast shares important instructional topics and experiences that even the most experienced aviator and a pilot can learn from. A few of the recent podcasts covered subjects like, “the pilot is passed out, can anyone fly the plane?”, and saving money in flight training. These topics keep your mind sharp and let you focus on the outcomes of the decisions you make as an aviator. You gain a lot of knowledge from him and his expertise in the field is very impressive.


Airplane Geeks


Airplane Geeks podcast was started by Max Flight in 2008 and is one of the first aviation-themed podcasts. It is a weekly podcast that aims to expand and explore your passion for aviation, educate and inform you about aviation, and entertain you a little along the way. The podcast features a list of prominent industry guests who help discuss military, commercial, and general aviation topics centered around improving your mental health and helping you succeed in the industry.


Aviation Careers Podcast


For those desiring to start a career in aviation and excel, the Aviation Careers Podcast is for you. Hosted by Tom Wachowski, Eric Crump, and Carl Valeri, this podcast covers a detailed overview of a career in aviation. This is from being a flight instructor, an agricultural pilot to flying corporate jets. With their expertise, you will definitely learn a lot.

Educational, entertaining, and insightful, these five aviation podcasts have a little bit of everything to keep you and your crew listening and coming back for more. This is why at Saker Aviation Services, we strive to provide you with outstanding aviation services to ensure you the best possible experience. Contact us today for more information.